How To Find Deals Using BirdDogBot's Search Projects

This articles outlines how deals are found using BirdDogBot and how you can use these features to find real estate investing opportunities automatically using search projects.

To get an understanding of the process BirdDogBot uses to search for deals, start by reviewing the "How To Find Real Estate Investment Deals And Estimate Market Values Online" article.

Now that you understand how BirdDogBot finds deals, the following video shows you how you to create search projects inside BirdDogBot so it can find these deals for you. You can skip to the 0:17 point in this video to go straight to the part that relates to this article.


Once you've reviewed those videos and you understand the concepts, you can now use the search features to find deals. Remember, BirdDogBot automatically runs these searches for you on a daily basis. Just make sure the search project is enabled and BirdDogBot will take care of it for you.

If you're having difficulty understanding the various settings on the "Analysis" tab, check out the "How To Analyze Deals" article for a thorough explanation.

If you're having difficulty finding deals, check out the "Why Isn't BirdDogBot Finding Any Deals For Me?" article for help diagnosing and solving the problem.

You can also view our entire training library on finding deals here:

BirdDogBot Tutorials - Finding Deals

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