How To Analyze Deals

This article outlines how deals are analyzed in BirdDogBot and how you can use these settings to ensure BirdDogBot analyzes properties the way you desire.

BirdDogBot has 2 different ways it analyzes properties. Namely, those are:

  1. Basic Analysis; and
  2. Advanced Analysis

Basic Analysis

The "Basic Analysis" type of analysis simply checks that the "Average Estimated Market Value" of the property is greater than the asking price by at least the "Desired Profit" amount. It also factors in a discount on the asking price of 10% or less.

This type of analysis is available to make finding and analyzing deals easier. It's highly recommended that you become familiar with the "Advanced Analysis" parameters so that more accurate projections can be made as to whether or not a property is genuinely a "deal" or not.

Advanced Analysis

The "Advanced Analysis" type of analysis does what the "Basic Analysis" does; however it also factors in additional variables into the equation including your Investment-to-Value Ratio and Expense Estimates. It can also further filter properties by using a "Max Asking Discount" parameter that ignores properties that require far too much of a discount off the asking price in order for your deal criteria to be met.

By including these additional factors into the equation, BirdDogBot then only brings back the best deals in your market that have passed a far more strict set of tests. This results in higher quality deals being added to your BirdDogBot deals list.

To get an understanding of the "Advanced Analysis" type of analysis you'll find on the "Analysis" tab, start by reviewing the "How To Quickly Analyze Real Estate Investment Deals" article.

Next, once you understand the settings, the "How To Fine-Tune Your Analysis Settings" article shows you how to dial-in those settings so you can get the most optimum set of deals.

Additional Informattion

If you're not finding any deals, or you aren't finding enough deals, then the problem is likely caused by your Filter settings in which case you should optimize your search project(s) first. After that, check out the "Why Isn't BirdDogBot Finding Any Deals For Me?" article if your search projects are analyzing properties but no deals are being found.

You can also view our entire training library on analyzing deals here:

BirdDogBot Tutorials - Analyzing Deals

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