Recommended Settings For Wholesalers And BirdDogs

If you're a wholesaler or acting as a birddog for an investor, then here's a few Analysis Settings suggestions you can use to optimize how you use BirdDogBot so it fits your business model.

  1. Go to Settings > Search & Analysis Settings > Analysis (tab).
  2. Set the "Analysis Type" to "Advanced Analysis".
  3. Set the "Desired Profit" to the profit you want your buyer/investor to earn from this deal. As a wholesaler or birddog, you need to make your properties look attractive for the investor, so use the "Desired Profit" to show them the money they could make on this deal.
  4. Under the "Expense Estimates", enter the "Acquisition Fee" as your fee for finding the deal. This is expressed as a percentage of the ARV.

After you run your searches, review the deals BirdDogBot has found and make any necessary adjustments to your numbers and estimates by editing the deal on the property's proforma page. You can also edit other details by using the editing capabilities shown in the "How To Add/Edit Your Own Deals" video.

Once the numbers are ready, you can now share your deal using any one of our Deal Sharing Features.

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