How Do I Login?

To login to your account, visit our Members Area located at (note: that's .net, not .com!).

At the login screen, enter the email address you used when you purchased your subscription, along with your password.

Please note that passwords are CaSe-SenSiTiVe so make sure your caps-lock is not on and that you're entering your password exactly as expected.

If you forgot your password, click on the "Forgot Password?" link and proceed from there. For more assistance with passwords, please see the "How Do I Reset My Password?" knowledge base article.

If you're "copy and pasting" your password from somewhere, please ensure you don't accidentally copy any additional spaces before or after the password. This will prevent the system from being able to properly authenticating you.

TIP: Use the "password preview" icon next to the password field. This will toggle showing and hiding your password to ensure you're entering it correctly.

Our members area is 100% mobile-friendly so you can login with any device including tablets and smartphones.

If you're still experiencing difficulties, please contact for additional assistance.

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