What Is Search Initialization?

Search initialization is the process by which BirdDogBot initially gathers a list of properties to analyze for your search project. This process is automatically detected and takes place without you having to do anything.

You can still run your search projects when they are initializing; however, please note that a complete set of search results cannot be presented since all the properties have not yet been gathered. In fact, it's more than likely that no search results will be presented during this time.

How Do I Know If My Search Project Is Initializing?

If your search project's run button is orange, then that search project is still initializing.

How Do I Know When My Search Project Is Finished Initializing?

Once your search project's run button turns green, then that search project has completed initialization.

When and How Often Does Search Initialization Take Place?

Search initialization automatically happens whenever a search project is created. In many cases, updating your search project may require the search project to re-initialize. If re-initialization is required, BirdDogBot will detect it and re-initialize the search project for you automatically.

Once a search project has completed initializing, it does not have to repeat this process unless you make a change to the search project that requires a re-initialization.

What Changes To My Search Project Require Re-Initialization?

Any of the following changes to your search project will require your search project to re-initialize:

  • Turning the "Enabled" setting to the ON position after it was set to the OFF position.
  • Any reduction in the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms.
  • Any change in the price range that will result in searching outside of the existing price range.
  • Any change made on the Filters tab.

Does My Search Project Have To Re-Initialize If I Change The Analysis Settings?

No. Since search initialization is simply the process of gathering properties, changing how you analyze those properties will not affect which properties are analyzed. As a result, by changing your Analysis settings, your search project will NOT have to re-initialize.

How Long Does Search Initialization Take?

The search initialization process can be as quick as a few minutes, or in some cases may take several hours.

This varies on a large number of factors. One of those factors is the number of properties BirdDogBot needs to gather; however, the process is quite technical and beyond the scope of this article.

What Can I Do To Minimize Search Initialization Time?

To minimize the amount of time required to initialize your search project, you should consider Optimizing Your Search Project.

By following the recommendations in the "Optimizing Search Projects" article, not only will your search project initialize faster, but you'll also enjoy other benefits of having an optimized search project. These benefits are also explained in that article.

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